A Look Back on Uniforms of Army-Navy Past

In lou of a best of the week article, I’ll be taking a look back at some of the uniforms from past Army-Navy games.

Army-Navy has had some great uniforms over the past few years, there’s no denying that.

This trend of alternate uniforms vs their main rivals started in 2008, when Army wore (one of my personal favorites) a camo and black uniform combo that they had shown a few times before.


In 2010, both teams remained traditional, even though Navy’s uniforms weren’t the same as a traditional Navy uniform that you may think of.


The next year, 2011, Navy did their own thing while Army stuck with the ol’ black and gold. But these were some of the first Nike Pro-Combat uniforms (back when Navy wore Nike) so these were also special. Navy wore a white helmet with gold accents while the rest was all blue.


2012 is when Army started to come out of their cage (and were doing just fine, gotta gotta be down, because they want it all) in the uniform game. This Army-Navy game was one of the best uniform matchups we’ve seen between the 2 teams.

While Army did stick with the traditional black and gold, they used a deeper and more metallic helmet. The helmet stripe was accented by a map pattern of the Battle of the Bulge, as were the numbers and the undershirt.

Navy wore a uniform modeled after their dress whites, which has been one of the most popular uniforms within the past few years. Not only did it feature a clean, all white look with proportional blue accents, but it also was the tri-layed helmet that everyone raged over with it’s large white layer, thinner gold chrome layer, and the finishing blue.

As an Army fan, I can say that most Navy uniforms make me want to throw up. But this one was pretty clean.


2013 was another year of alternates and both teams got into a groove of it.

Army wore their (then new but now traditional) metallic bronze-gold lids with the thick black stripe across the top. Because they were the away team, they had to wear white, so they wore white jerseys with an oversized stencil font with grey accents throughout, like the cuffs and the collar. The Black Knights also wore grey pants and all the seniors wore red belts. This uniform was made to honor the graduating class of the year, and they grey was representative of the dress greys the Corps wears.

Navy essentially wore the inverse of their previous uniform for Army-Navy. That meant that the tri-layer anchor helmet was back, as were the white pants. Their jersey was color flipped to blue, and had black accents throughout this time.


2014 was a different year because Navy had switched to Under Armour that season. So for the first time in awhile, Nike wasn’t making both uniforms. Which probably explains why they didn’t do anything special with Army’s uniform. But Navy, on the otherhand, got the works from UA.

It was Navy’s year to wear white, and they decided to throw in red and blue as well in a uniform that payed tribute to the Marines (yes, once again) and the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. The Mids wore a glossy Navy blue lid with the block N getting an American makeover. Red and white stripes filled it instead of a solid gold and a slithering snake adorned it as well.

The jersey wasn’t too different from the helmet. A white base with red and white stripes accented by a snake on the shoulders, and “NAVY” across the chest and a new font in blue.

Finishing off this uniform was the pants reminiscent of Marine dress blues, solid blue down with a thin red stripe on the side, and UA added in diagonal red and white stripes across the front in their style.

Army went back to a more traditional look. The gold helmet they wore paired nicely with their black jerseys and black pants. But other than that, there was nothing to this uniform.


2015 was also different as well. Army updated their Nike uniforms and had a complete rebrand. Army morphed into “Army West Point” and ditched the motion A logo for the helmet of Athena. Because of this, they didn’t go all out on the Navy game uniforms. Nonetheless, it was a combination we hadn’t yet seen from the Black Knights.

On top, Army wore a black helmet with a semi-gloss finish and a glossy black facemask. The helmet stripe was gold text that repeated “FOLLOW ME, QUEEN OF BATTLE” and the decals were the patch of the branch the player would serve in after graduation.

They finished this uniform off with what’s now their traditional white jersey and black pants. We had yet to see them wear this, but they picked an ideal time to do so.

But Navy wasn’t settling for anything. They went above and beyond on this uniform.

These helmets are ones you’d never forget. If you’re reading this, you probably remember them. I sure do.

The Midshipmen wore hand-painted helmets depicting different ships used by the US Navy. Different players had different helmets depending on where they’d serve.

Their jersey kept the essence of their normal uniforms. “NAVY” across the chest, and the number directly below. On a navy blue base was that in white. The shoulders were grey and had a yellow stroke with white numbers on it, suggesting the imagery of the runway of an aircraft carrier.

Blue pants with a thin yellow stripe finished off this uniform.


Army had enough of being out-uniformed and outplayed. This showed in this game.

The Black Knights wore a uniform that ended the streak; 14 years of straight Navy wins. But no longer.

Army wore an all anthracite uniform paying homage to the 82nd Airborne division in World War 2.

The helmet had the anthracite pattern and a black netting pattern on it, like Airborne soldiers. On the side was the logo of a patch of different divisions in the 82nd.

An anthracite jersey was accented by a white custom font and a black and white WWII era flag. Anthracite pants finished off this tough look that Army wore in their first win over Navy in 14 years.

Navy, coincidentally, got cocky with this uniform. And oh, was this sweet.

The Midshipmen wore a “BEAT ARMY” uniform that had elements of a throwback.

Their yellow helmet featured the anchor logo that they’ve used for awhile, and a helmet stripe that had 14 yellow stars, one for each year in a row that they’ve beaten Army. How sweet.

Their jersey had a white base with a blue shoulder yoke that sported the block N logo in yellow, and the text was the same color as the yoke.

The final component of the uniform were yellow pants with stars in a stripe, similar to the one on the helmet, in the diagonal UA style.


2017 was another year of Army wearing a uniform that represented a division and it’s history, and this time it was the 10th Mountain.

Naturally, this was an all white uniform that blended in with the snow on the field and was representative of the snow on the mountains that the 10th served on.

The helmet was relatively plain, but not bad. On a white base with a weathered texture was a single crossed ski “US” patch, in chromed colors.

The jersey was the same, relatively plain but still kick-ass. The Black Knights wore green font (from tanks of the era) on white, with a WW2 era patch and flag. All white pants and socks would be the final part of the uniform.

Navy decided to pay tribute to the Blue Angels, who would be grounded in a snowstorm. Once again opting for hand painted helmets, each Navy player wore one depicting the flight team in the sky, and coincidentally, a few “sky penis” jokes were made.

The jersey was a royal blue base, with the 2 stripe yellow pattern worn by the Blue Angels serving as a shoulder yoke. The same font as the flight team was used on the chest for “NAVY” and the numbers. Blue pants with the striping pattern finished the uniform off.

I’d just like to say that Navy’s uniforms looked different on the field than they did in the photo shoot. They looked better in the photo shoot. There’s probably good reason for that. But just make good uniforms all around.

See what I mean? They made the colors look radically different.


And now, 2018. I already wrote 2 articles on each of these uniforms, so I’m not going to write that all out again. You can read the Army one here and the Navy one here.

I’d like to rank the top 10 uniforms from this game, which will make this long article even longer. But so be it.

If this seems biased one way, I promise I’m being objective as possible.

1. Army 2017
2. Army 2018
3. Army 2016
4. Navy 2012
5. Navy 2013
6. Navy 2015
7. Army 2009
8. Army 2012
9. Navy 2017
10. Navy 2014

And with that, there is 1513 words that you just read about Army-Navy uniforms.

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