Let’s Talk About the… “Uniforms” Temple Wore vs Duke

Temple, please have a seat. We need to have a talk.

All season, you’ve provided absolute heat and have looked so fresh, and today, you flushed all that down the toilet.

What were you thinking? Why did you… what went through your head… I’m not mad… I’m just disappointed.

And so is everyone else.

Now that we’re out of our fake conversation with a football team, let’s break down these absolute atrocities. As far as I know, there’s only 1 person on the Forgotten5 staff who likes them. And I can only question their eyesight.

Temple wore their black helmet, which sounds like a good start… but then they slapped their throwback wordmark on it with the script helmet stripe, all in white. That’s… a rough start to say the least.

Next, my least favorite Temple jersey by a long shot… the grey one. It just looks drab and the shade is too dark to look good with the red. And it doesn’t match with the helmet. At all.

Then, the black pants with white and red accents that now don’t match either the jersey OR the helmet because the helmet doesnt have any red on it either.

This was just a mismatched hodge podge of different uniform pieces. Now, this is just mine and most of F5’s opinion, but take a look at them yourself:

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