What We Missed Out On While We Were Gone

Man, running websites is hard. Especially when you experience the kind of growing pains that cause your network of websites to shut down for a couple of weeks.
The problem is that, here at WYWS it’s been much longer since we’ve written, and that’s in part because of a football season that was most definitely challenging to write about.
We’ll get into that more tomorrow, but for now let’s just review what’s been going on in the past little while

NMSU Football

Well that didn’t go as well as we hoped. Turns out that the top end of the offensive talent – Tyler Rogers, Larry Rose, and Jaleel Scott – were a bit less replaceable than we had hoped for.
Add that into a defense that was beseiged by injuries all season long – Terrill Hanks, Malik Demby, and others – and you had a recipe for a team that frequently got behind early and just didn’t have the ability to climb back into it.
The good news is that Josh Adkins is a young quarterback who clearly understands and is capable of executing the offense, and the Aggies now just need to give him the space to execute, talent on the receiving end, and a defense that can get off the field.
That’s a lot of things, I know, but Adkins is a great starting point.

NMSU Men’s Basketball

The good news for the Aggies is that they’ve gotten off to an 11-4 start this season, and their non-conference losses include Saint Mary’s (43rd in KenPom) and nearly toppling Kansas (9th in KenPom).
The bad news is that they dropped their opener to California Baptist, who are playing their first season in Division I, which was their second loss to a team outside the KenPom top 100 after an earlier loss to Drake.
Maybe Washington State transfer Milan Acquaah is the real deal and will have CBU better than expected this year, but maybe the Aggies are still searching for what works. I’ll hope it’s the former as they head home for Grand Canyon and Bakersfield.

NMSU Women’s Basketball

The Lady Aggies have had a rougher go of things, but they’ve held their own. They dropped both halves of the non-conference rivalry home-and-home with New Mexico, but are otherwise 9-3 with two of those three losses coming by a single point.
The WAC is wide open this season, and also a bit bottom heavy with Chicago State,  Seattle, and Grand Canyon all struggling mightily, so the Aggies should be a favorite to make the tournament again.

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