Best Uniforms of Bowl Season

These picks were probably the hardest of the season, I’m not going to lie. And rightfully so, there were so many games played that I can’t even remember all of them like I might otherwise.

As much as I’d like to expand (like the Playoff should) the number of uniforms for Bowl Season from 3 to 5, I’m not going to.

And one more thing: other than now, don’t you dare expect me to mention Temple. What they wore vs Duke was horrendous and should never, ever, under any circumstances, be worn again. Read about them here

Anyway, let’s get into the Best of Bowl Season.

Arkansas State

For what some might consider a pretty plain or boring uniform, I liked this one so much that I’d like to see the Red Wolves make this their permanent away uniform, with variations every now and then, of course. It was just ice from head to toe.

The Red Wolves icy set of course started out with a white helmet, how else could it? On the shell was a red chrome facemask, while two oversized Wolf logos adorned the side.

They also rocked the traditional white jersey, blocky font and “ARKANSAS STATE” across the chest. My favorite of their 3.

And finally, their white pants to complete the icy look they wore in the bowl game.


I didn’t expect to write a bowl uniform article without Tulane. I also didn’t expect them to route Louisiana, but here we are.

Tulane also broke out the ice this bowl season with a uniform they called “White Wumbo”, which is an all white version of their “Black Wumbo” uniforms that they wore vs Memphis earlier this season, which are the ones with the oversized Angry Wave helmets.

The White Wumbo featured the oversized Angry Wave, except every aspect was outlined in green chrome. The helmet also featured a green chrome facemask. This was really the focal point of the uniform, because the Green Wave wore their traditional white jerseys and white pants with it, as well as white socks and white and olive green cleats. Many players had pink accents, seeing as they were playing in the Cure Bowl.


As a Black Knight fan, this game was all around a total blast. Not only did Kelvin Hopkins and James Nachtigal (he’s my favorite) play outstanding games, but they both helped to drive the score to 70-14. That ties the bowl record for most points scored in a bowl game, and that was the most scored this bowl season.

The play was amazing, as so were the grey alternates the Army team wore.

The grey jerseys and pants worn by Army go by the same basic design that the other sets go by, the stencil font with an outline, the name patch on front, and the American flag on the shoulder. But these ones have a bit of a deeper meaning.

The Army greys pay tribute to the Long Grey Line, which is the Corps of Cadets (the student body) at West Point.

Throw the classic gold helmet with black accents on it, and Army’s got a top 3 uniform from Bowl Season.

Where one might think that the black on the helmet looks out of place with the rest of the grey, there were black outlines on the numbers to tie it in, which is important in making a good uniform. *Cough* Temple *cough*.

Honorable Mentions

Cincinatti: The Bearcats wore their fresh satin red helmet with white accents that they also wore vs UCF with white jerseys and pants. For sure a winner.
North Texas: The Mean Green wore a classic green-green-white combo, the helmet being satin and having chrome wing decals.
FIU: These are International’s traditional all white, and how I have never mentioned them before is beyond me.
UCF: In their first loss in 700+ days, the Knights wore a white-anthracite-white combo

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