Woolfolk’s Shrine Game Swag

Nick Determan recently tweeted some images of Darnell Woolfolk’s locker for the Shrine Game, which features 5 different helmet options.

With the helmets come swag from the same uniforms the helmets do, although 2 helmets don’t match any uniform.
In the locker, Woolfolk has the traditional gold, the Big Red 1, the 10th Mountain, and the 2 designs the Black Knights have not worn before.
First off, the black. On the traditional semi-matte black shell is the skull and crossbones logo from the black flag that Army runs on the field with every game.

Where you may see a gold “A” on the skull elsewhere, this one is translucent.
Whether we actually see this in action next year is up for debate, but I could for sure see these being worn vs Air Force.
But, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these decals make an appearance on an Army helmet (sort of). At practice recently, some Black Knights have been seen with the decal on their helmet. Here, its seen on the side of Jaylon Sharp’s practice helmet.

This one is a little different, though. It doesn’t have the A, and no “GFBD” above the upper lip.
Now, the 2nd of 2 gold helmets. On the traditional gold shell, replacing the normal solid black stripe, is the one worn on the 2015 Army-Navy game black helmets. The stripe repeats “King of Battle, Redlegs”, according to the Army Equipment twitter. On the side, the US Army logo. No info as to if it’s on both sides or just one.
Here’s a bit of a closer look of both helmets:

No word as to if Woolfolk will wear all of them, but I can only assume so. We also don’t know when he will wear everything, that is still a mystery.

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