The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Uniforms: Part 3

Part 3 is going to be a special article, because in this one, I’m including concepts that I think would look better for the teams mentioned. You can read part one here and part two here.

These are, in my opinion, the ugliest uniforms in college football. There are only a few that can really fill this role, and these teams do it to near perfection. In this one, I’m counting down, and the worst uniform will be at the bottom.

*SIDE NOTE: I know none of these teams are Nike teams, but the template I made the concepts on was a Nike template. A minor detail, but I figured it was worth mentioning.*

3. Nevada

Before last season, the Wolfpack switched from Nike to Adidas, and like USF, really screwed it up.

The helmets are somewhat salvageable, considering they have the script “Pack” logo on them, but they’re the only part of these uniforms that works. The rest needs to be burned.

Not only were they slapped with the tire tread, but they used the same font as the Wisconsin Badgers, and couldn’t pull it off.

They really thinned out the numbers and nameplate, almost to the point of not being able to see them, and then the chest text is huge, so everything looks wonky.

Then, they have these grey pants which don’t match anything else they’re wearing, unless it’s the all grey alternates. Just a giant dumpster fire.

This is my fix:

It’s back to tradition for Nevada, a basic design which is much sharper than their current ones. Call it boring, but based on their current uniforms and the bat-wings from the 2000’s, this may not be a bad idea.

Western Michigan

Oye… black, gold and brown… not a great color scheme. It needs to be fixed immediately.

Then, there’s the issue of inconsistent designs across a bunch of different sets.

So basically, we’ve got a giant dumpster fire. Nothing more to say.

This is my fix:

First, I removed the brown from the color scheme. Only the Cleveland Browns can pull it off, and part of that is their name being “Browns”.

The main two colors are black and white, with a dark gold as an accent color.

I added an oversized striping pattern, as well as chose a new font that looks much cleaner.

An all black and an all white gives for a solid number of different combinations. And, I begrudgingly stuck with the same logo, even thought I think it needs an update.

1. Wyoming

The worst uniforms in college football. If brown, black and gold weren’t bad enough, how about brown and yellow?

Plus a font that looks terrible on any uniform, and 3 different colored pieces (helmet, jersey, pants).

These need to go immediately. I would literally take any other uniform over anything that Wyoming wears. Hell, I’m an Army fan and would rather wear a Navy jersey than anything Wyoming.

This is my fix:

The brown is completely gone, replaced with black. The awkward cowboy logo is also gone, replaced with a block W with a western spin on it.

I gave the Cowboys an all black and an all white, but not an all yellow, because that would blind everyone.

I know it looks a little bit like App State, but that’s not a bad thing. Associating their uniforms with sets as clean as App State has would be much needed for a Cowboys team recovering from the worst uniform in college football.

Do you agree or disagree with any of my picks? Let me know, tweet me @benlandmine.

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