UConn Reveals New Uniforms

It’s that time of the year, folks, where teams start to unveil their new threads for the upcoming season.

And now seemed to be… well… the time for UConn to do the same. Amidst the announcement that they’d be leaving the AAC and speculation of where football would end up, a uniform reveal seemed like a good way to distract the fans.

Well it clearly worked, because these Twitter comments are-


– well they’re actually terrible. But with that being said, at least they’re new uniforms, right?

Alright, let’s break these down.

Displayed there are 2 monochrome home and away uniforms, where the color scheme is navy, white and grey. The first thing different there is that red has been removed from the color scheme. Personally, I think that’s tragic. The red looked crisp and contrasted well with the navy and white.

But, I guess I can see why they did it. The helmets are permanently accented with the block C, which has no red on it. Without the red, the helmet almost looks a bit out of place. These LA Rams uniforms can speak to that.

Did they look out of place when they wore them last year? Not necessarily, but I still understand and appreciate the thought process behind it.

Plus, removing the red is going back to the Big East football days, which, maybe not-so-coincidentally, is the conference that UConn will join in every other sport.

Moving on from the color scheme, UConn will continue to wear 2 different colored helmets, blue and white. Each will have the aforementioned block C decal and opposite colored facemask. A lot of fans are excited about this, and I am too. The block C is an awesome look.

Moving on to the jerseys, they look like updated versions of the Big East uniforms.

Focusing just on the home for this, where the opposite applies to the away, the base of the jersey is blue with white numbers on the chest, back and shoulders. All of the numbers have a grey outline, which replaces the red. Also, the outline of those numbers is in the same style of the block C’s, where there’s space in between the outline and the number itself.

The sleeves are much simpler than their predecessors. The white cuff matches the slightly curved white line above it, which has a matching, but much thinner, grey stripe above it.

There are 2 patches that will stay on for only this season as well: the AAC and the CFB 150 patches.

Lastly, the pants were heavily simplified in this redesign.

They’re just either white or blue with the opposite colored dual stripe down the sides. That’s the only design to them, which… I mean… it’s certainly a design. I don’t think they really fit in with the rest of the uniform. What would’ve been better is if they had a single thick white stripe down the sides of the blue pants and vice versa. That would fit the look a little better.

Overall, I don’t dislike these uniforms, but I certainly think they’re a downgrade. The elimination of red wasn’t the best move, but once again, and understandable one. I just really liked the old design, the colors all flowed perfectly. But, I guess these are okay too.

UConn will debut these uniforms on Thursday, August 29th vs Wagner College at home.

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