Cincinnati Football Released New Uniforms

Cin-City just revealed new uniforms for the 2019-20 season. As far as the two authors of this article are concerned, they’re a downgrade design-wise.

New Under Armour Technology

From a technical point though, they’re an upgrade as the Bearcats have switched from the old UA template to ArmourGrid template. According to the Cincinnati Press Release, the new uniforms feature “stretch mesh ventilation, improved fit, belt-length cut with elastic hems and lightweight team embellishment.” The Grid technology is modeled after military parachutes, meaning they’re lightweight, durable and almost impossible for opposing players to grab on to. 

The Bearcats are amongst Notre Dame, Utah, Auburn and Maryland in being the only teams sporting this technology. 

The official press release says that “UC and Under Armour have been partners in innovation since 2015 and these new uniforms represent the first evolution of the Bearcats look over the past four seasons.” 

Was it Really a Uniform “UP-date”

As far as the design goes, there have been some major changes. One thing that stands out is that both jerseys have black sleeves, both feature an oversized C-paw logo. The “Cincy Stripe” that was once also on the sleeves has been moved on to the chest, similar to Temple’s diamond pattern. One place the “Cincy Stripe” no longer resides in is on the collar, both of which remain blank. The stripe remained the same on the Bearcats pants, right above the knees. 

Return of the Red?

While there was no mention of a red uniform returning to the Bearcats locker, that is still something to look for in 2019. Running back Tavion Thompson sent out a tweet 2 months ago, regarding red jerseys:

The red jerseys have not been worn since 2016, when UC wore alternates vs Memphis on senior night–a game we would all like to forget about. 

Nov 18, 2016; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats quarterback Hayden Moore (8) throws a pass against the Memphis Tigers in the first half at Nippert Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


We’re on the lookout of a red uniform week 1 vs UCLA. 

From Clean and Sharp to… Meh

Overall, this was a design downgrade. It seems like the Bearcats tried to take elements from Temple’s and Arkansas’s new uniforms and put a Cincinnati spin on them, which didn’t turn out well. Logos on sleeves never seem to look good, but UC was one of the 2 teams that could pull it off… until this. They tried to fix what wasn’t broken and ended up with a worse version. 


Credit to Ben Westlake, fellow author and “uniform guy” for, for helping out with this article

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