Boise State Reveals New Blackout Uniform

The Broncos are back in black.

On Monday, Boise State revealed a new blackout alternate uniform they’ll add to their stable of uniforms this season.

And because something like this is supposed to impress high school recruits and current players alike, as well as recruit new fans, the reveal came in a dramatic trailer:

Let’s break it down:


I just want to preface this by saying that this helmet is COLD.

An oversized blue chrome bronco peers out over a matte black shell with a glistening orange eye. The facemask matches the decal as it’s also blue chrome. On the other side of the helmet is the player’s number in blue chrome with an orange outline.

Finishing off this helmet are black bumpers, a nice detail to maximize the black.

The color balance between the elements are nice… if only the jersey could match it…


Don’t get me wrong: by itself, I don’t think this jersey is bad. It’s not great, but not terrible.

As is common among all Boise State jerseys is a blue collar. Also like their other jerseys is a diagonal two stripe pattern as well as “BOISE STATE” across the chest. But these elements have a twist to them, they’re both in an anthracite grey. Same goes for the nameplate.

Because darkness is what we’re aiming for, even if it means sacrificing visibility. Right?

Luckily the numbers are the same reflective silver that the other two home jerseys have, so at least we can see those.


Not much to say here, other than the anthracite text down the pants that reads “BOISE STATE”.

My opinion

Each element of the uniform aren’t bad on their own, but when they all come together, it just looks like a failed experiment. I understand what they were trying to go for, but the execution was poor.

If I were to fix this uniform, I’d first make the jersey numbers blue with an orange outline to match the number on the helmet. When numbers like those don’t match, it looks terrible.

Second, I’d add more orange to the jersey. Maybe make the chest text and nameplate orange, or one of the sleeve stripes. Just something. If the chest text became orange then I’d also change the pant text too.

I’d also add blue cuffs, just to add a nice extra touch of blue.

I understand what they were going for: A mean-looking blackout that recruits would say are “dope”, but they missed the mark. These could’ve been way better than they are.

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