The Complete Catalog of G5 College Football Uniform Changes

As football season dawns upon us, now’s a good time to review what’s happened this offseason in a UniWatch style preview.

From a uniform perspective, this has been far from average. New uniforms are popping up left and right… so quickly that trying to write a new article about all of them would be absolutely insane.

So, I decided that one big article on all of them would be our best bet.

Let’s take a look at all the changes, conference by conference.


There has been quite a bit of movement this offseason by American teams, more than every other conference.

The reigning AAC champions have announced that there will be a brand new “space night” uniform this season, but that’s all they’ve hinted at so far. No further details will probably be available until closer to game night. You can read about last year’s space uniform here.

USF: The Bulls updated their uniform to a brand new Adidas template without the tire tread. USF will be the only team to wear this template this season. You can read all about it here.

This was a much needed update. Part of me thinks this is what the Bulls wanted to wear all along, but had to wear their old tire-tread uniforms as a place holder until this new template was available.

UConn: As they prepare to play as an Independent, UConn decided to change up their uniforms as well. They got rid of the red in both colorways as well as the Husky logo, opting for the block C. You can read about all of the changes the team made here.

Tulane: Not as if the Green Wave needed any changes to their current uniforms, but it looks like they made some changes as well as upgrading Nike templates. No official announcement has been made on them, but there have been images posted by the team on social media of players in different green uniforms. So far we’ve only seen the green, but not white, blue or black. Nor have we seen any helmets, besides the whiteout oversized angry wave at their spring game.

Notable changes here include a new striping pattern featuring blue as the main color, larger numbers with a single stroke and an upgraded Nike template.

Cincinnati: The Bearcats upgraded their UA template and updated their design. The new template is the same as Notre Dame wore in the Playoff which is supposed to be virtually un-grabable. You can read about in in a collaboration piece I did with Sam Powers here.

Not only that, but the Bearcats also revealed new CFB 150 throwback uniforms, you can read about it here.

Temple: The Owls released new CFB 150 throwbacks that can be read about here.

Houston (speculation): This is my theory, but I think Houston will have a one-off Jordan uniform this season, or switch to the brand next season.

Why do I think this? All from a photo posted by the Cougars’ director of Creative Media, Brett Gemas. It featured a Houston player in the iconic jumpman pose, while wearing Jordan 1 cleats. The uniform the player wore was Nike, but it still makes me suspicious.

It seems like Jordan is targeting brands in college football, such as Michigan, Oregon, North Carolina, Florida… and maybe Houston next. While it seems like a stretch, don’t be surprised if you see the Cougs take the field in Jordan uniforms.

Mountain West

Boise State: The Broncos released a new blackout uniform that they’ll wear sometime this upcoming season. You can read about it here.

Utah State: There’s rumored to be a blackout coming for the Aggies’ game vs BYU on November 2nd. This speculation comes from an Instagram post by @usufootball announcing the promo dates. Novemeber 2nd is “Beat BYU, Wear Black”.

Wyoming: Not a huge update, but one nonetheless. The Cowboys switched back to their old design in the Josh Allen era, but on a new, mesh Adidas template.

Colorado State: The Rams revealed a new white helmet design they’re going to be wearing on senior day. It features the Ram logo on the sides and a tri-stripe pattern of gold/green/gold, as well as a white facemask.

San Jose State: The Spartans ALSO released a new white helmet featuring the Spartan logo and a white facemask. They’ll also be wearing a throwback decal for their retro night game.

UNLV: UNLV is wearing their silver helmet with throwback red chrome decals that spell out an interlocking “UN”, as a tribute to their stadium’s birthday.


Marshall: The Herd have updated their white jersey for this season. The sleeves are now white, no longer black and the chest text is slightly larger.

FIU: The Panthers’ equipment team has been working with Preston Battle of Battle Customs on some new helmet designs that could be in their not-too distant future. You can check out these designs on Battle’s Instagram, @battle.customs.

Sun Belt

Troy: The Trojans released a brand new crimson jersey with new white pants that goes with a white helmet. It’s on the new Adidas PrimeKnit A1 template and has a crimson, white and silver colorway.

No info has been provided on a new white/alternates, but considering they just got new white uniforms last season, they might be a year or so away.

Eastern Michigan: Eastern Michigan recently released new uniforms, you can read about them here.

Central Michigan: The Chips had an under-the-radar release of their new uniforms, I didn’t hear about them until just recently. I don’t have any images as of right now, but I can do my best to describe them.

There’s no change to the helmet, but the jersey is on a different Adidas template, which is similar to the one that Wyoming now wears. On the chest is the Chippewas wordmark, and the numbers are in a thin, italic block font. The numbers adorn the chest, sleeves and back. On the maroon jersey the lettering is yellow with a white outline, and on the white jersey it’s maroon with a yellow outline.

As for pants, think of the Redskins’ yellow pants, except made with a budget Adidas template.

Bowling Green: Bowling Green unveiled a new white jersey, which boasts several differences from it’s predecessor.

First, the chest text. A new, bigger and blockier font takes center stage in brown.

Then, they used to reside on the sleeves, but now the TV numbers adorn the shoulders of the jersey.

Now ALL of the numbers are in orange, not just the ones on the sleeves.

Finally, a striping pattern akin to that of Boise State’s now is on the sleeves, only it’s in brown and orange, not blue and orange.


Army: Captains are no longer wearing a C on their jersey, but a small gold star.

UMass: The Minutemen are set to reveal new uniforms soon.

It’s probably worth mentioning that every team will also wear a CFB 150 Patch on their jerseys.

Wow, that was a L O T. I think that’s more than we can say for any other season. And I didn’t even go over the P5 or any FCS teams.

That’s why I think this is The Year of the Uniform. Not the year of the QB, RB, or WR, but the uniform.

Did I miss anything? If so, or there’s something you think I should mention, shoot me a DM on twitter, @benlandmine.

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