Top 3 Uniforms from Week 0

Is this a bit late? Yes. Will it be out before week 1 starts on Thursday? We’ll see. Either way, let’s reflect on week 0 and it’s best uniforms.

#1: Hawaii

Surprise, surprise. Devout readers of my work (which I’m sure there are none) may remember when I started this series last season, and Hawaii ALSO won best uniform of week 0 that year.

I would mix it up, but this blackout uniform is just something special.

For those who haven’t stayed up until 3 AM to see a Warriors game, or just haven’t watched Hawaii football in general, here’s a quick breakdown for you.

First, this helmet is one of the best helmets in all of CFB. On one side of a glossy black shell is the Hawaii H logo, and on the other is a green rendition of the Hawaii islands, which the team first sported at the beginning of last season to show unity with the state as it went through the hurricane last year.

I guess it was just such a big hit, they had to make it permanent.

Making this glorious lid complete is a center stripe featuring triangles bordered by a thin stripe on either side.

The jersey is also pretty slick, if I’m being quite honest. On a black base was chest, back, and shoulder numbers in Hawaii’s custom font, which features ridges in each number.

Above the chest numbers is chest text that reads “Hawaii” in that custom font.

On the player’s right side of both the jersey and the pants is a custom stripe, akin to the one that they wear on their helmet.

One thing worth mentioning is that Cedric Byrd, Hawaii receiver, didn’t have the island decal on his helmet. Strange.

Also, for a team called the “Rainbow Warriors”, they sure do wear a lot of black. But that’s pretty cool.

#2 Villanova

Yes, FCS teams get recognition too. And Nova impressed me this week 0 with their uniform, which just so happened to feature a new white jersey.

Starting with this lid, which I must add is just absolutely gorgeous, especially when glistening in the sun, the Wildcats kicked off the 2nd best uni this week.

Villanova’s helmet doesn’t seem like anything too special when you look at it. It’s a glossy blue shell with a two-toned V on it. Great. Whatever. Right? Wrong. When seen at the right angle in the sun, you see a bit of sparkle. It’s beautiful and I love it.

Now, the new white jersey is one of the best upgrades of the season.

Keeping the same number font, blue numbers with a light blue inner stroke, Nova curved the chest text a bit, and added blue sleeves. Those sleeves each had a tri-stripe pattern on them, going white/blue/white.

They previously had a white jersey with white sleeves and the V logo on them. NO. LOGOS. ON. SLEEVES. PLEASE. (unless you’re Temple, luv u guys.)

Nova’s normal blue pants finished off this great new uniform of week 0.

#3 Colgate

Ah, the team that got beaten by Nova in score also got beaten by them in the uniform score, but not by much. Except this was much closer.

To preface this, ‘Gate (as they and nobody else calls them) switched to Under Armour as their uniform supplier, and these are an upgrade from Nike’s rendition of their uniforms.

Now wearing a clean, white helmet, these uniforms look much sharper. Their lid features a dual stripe in crimson down the middle, and script “‘gate” on each side.

This jersey is similar, but also feels a bit cleaner in my opinion.

On a crimson base lives white numbers outlined in grey on the front and back, as well as chest text that reads “Colgate” above the front numbers.

The sleeves are grey with a dual stripe pattern, with a bit of a twist to them. There are 2 breaks in the middle of them, just to add a bit of extra UA “flair”… I guess.

On white pants is the same stripes, but vertically on the front like UA does.

I know this isn’t the best image to represent the uniforms but it’s the best one I could grab off of Twitter.

That caps off the best uniforms of week 0.

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