Louisiana Cajuns Show Some Life, But Not Nearly Enough, in 38-28 Loss to Mississippi State

Let’s get the worst part out of the way first, shall we?

Looks like the Mississippi State fans didn’t really show up to this one either, and the Cajuns are likely to struggle to recoup the costs of this “home” game.

That said, let’s take a quick poke around at this game, shall we?


Raymond Calais and Trey Ragas (plus a touchdown run from Levi Lewis) held their own rushing the ball. 14 carries for 143 yards is pretty damn good against an SEC defense.

Levi Lewis also had some good moments where he managed to show off his ability to extend plays and create success out of chaos.


The defense had its moments but struggled mightily with getting off the field. They stopped Mississippi State’s last three third-down conversion attempts but allowed conversions on 4-of-6 prior to that, as well as one of two attempts on fourth down.

The Cajuns also struggled in space, surrendering just shy of 200 yards to tailback Kylin Hill on only 27 carries, and 261 yards total on the ground.


The Cajuns will have time to iron out the kinks against Liberty and Texas Southern in the next couple of weeks, but consistency is what is needed at this point.

Lewis throwing for 267 yards and a score is great, but his early interception dug a hole that took time to get out of, and it was the type of wounded duck that made him look like he’s not actually left-handed.

He struggled with being able to scramble for space and then also get himself set in any way prior to throwing, which is not new and needs to go away. I know that he needs protection, but he’s got to commit to either running or passing at some point during his scramble and adjust his body accordingly.

This result says positive things about the Cajuns season, whether Mississippi State is a good SEC team or not, but there are some very obvious areas for improvement. Hopefully, the fans show up to see them the next couple of weeks.

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