Future Opponent Recap: Week One

Opponent Record: 7-4
My Picks: 9-2
This year I’m going to hold myself accountable and put my predictions next to the actual score so you can yell at me when I’m wrong.
This weekend had the highest of highs (looking at you, Georgia State) and the lowest of lows (yea… I didn’t forget about you, Western Kentucky). But overall, the week went as predicted.


My Prediction: 42-14 Michigan
Actual Score: 40-21 Michigan
From the little bit of the game I actually was able to watch, the RPO was killing MTSU. That might be something to look out for against Army this coming week.


My Prediction: 35-7 UTSA
Actual Score: 35-17 UTSA
The Roadrunners run San Antonio. QB Frank Harris went 28/36 with 206 yards and also led the team in rushing with 123 yards on 15 carries. This is a guy to watch before the game against Army.

Morgan State

My Prediction: 38-7 BGSU
Actual Score: 46-3 BGSU
There was a mistake in the preview, I said that Jarret Doege was BGSU’s QB but he transferred to West Virginia. Darius Wade led the Falcons to an easy win over Morgan State.


My Prediction: 28-24 Tulane
Actual Score: 42-14 Tulane
Two words: Justin McMillan. 14/18 passing for 199 yards and two touchdowns. This dude is legit and could give the Black Knights some problems if they aren’t careful.

Western Kentucky

My Prediction: 35-28 WKU
Actual Score: 35-28 UCA
Well, at least I got the score right… WKU was the only FBS team to lose to an FCS team this week. Going into the 4th quarter, WKU was up 28-14. Central Arkansas then went on to put up 21 points in eight minutes to win the game.

Georgia State

My Prediction: 52-7 Tennessee 
Actual Score: 38-30 Georgia State
I’d like to apologize to Georgia State, I never should’ve doubted you like that. What a fun game to watch, they only won by eight but it didn’t feel that close. QB Dan Ellington got whatever he wanted in the fourth quarter. It was a sight to see.

San Jose State

My Prediction: 28-7 SJSU
Actual Score: 35-18 SJSU
This game wasn’t televised or streamed anywhere so I have absolutely no idea what happened.

Air Force

My Prediction: 28-14 Air Force
Actual Score: 48-7 Air Force
It’s me… I’m the idiot who believed in Colgate’s defense. Air Force got whatever they wanted in this game and Colgate couldn’t do anything about it.


My Prediction: 32-14 Rutgers
Actual Score: 48-21 Rutgers
UMass gave me so much hope for an upset. They were up 21-7 after the first quarter and then Rutgers rattled off 41 straight points and won easily.


My Prediction: 52-0 Marshall
Actual Score: 56-17 Marshall
At least VMI put points on the board.


Bye week


My Prediction: 28-7 Navy
Actual Score: 45-7 Navy 
Props to Navy for putting up 45 points, I honestly didn’t think they’d be able to with Perry at QB. He still looked really uncomfortable pitching the ball though so we’ll see how long he can succeed in that offense.

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