New Mexico State Aggies Never Had a Chance Against the Washington State Cougars

The Aggies probably had some inkling that they’d have a hard time stopping Mike Leach’s offense, as evidenced by their choice to start the game on offense after winning the coin toss.
They handled themselves well on that opening drive. Josh Adkins looked sharp passing the ball, and they were able to creep to the Washington State 35-yard line before the drive fizzled out in a missed 51-yard field goal.
They moved the ball well again on their second possession and even got into the red zone, where Jason Huntley fumbled on his way to the end zone, but an alert Adkins scooped up the ball and scored the Aggies’ first touchdown of the season.
Unfortunately, the defense was literally unable to achieve anything for the entire half, and this one got out of hand even faster than I anticipated.
Anthony Gordon completed his first 15 passes on the way to finishing the 29-for-35 for 420 yards and five touchdowns, without even playing the entire third quarter. The Aggie defense did their level best, but this looked a lot like the beginning of last season.
The defensive line and linebackers weren’t producing any pass rush, and the defensive backs who were playing zone because they can’t handle man coverage. As a result, Anthony Gordon got to choose between picking apart the zone and hitting post/seam routes over the top.
Josh Adkins definitely looks much more comfortable running this offense and should pick apart the worse defenses he faces. Huntley is still as dangerous as ever in space. But this is a mess.
Next week is likely going to be even messier against an even better Alabama team, but the home opener against San Diego State looks a little less daunting after the Aztecs slogged through a 6-0 win against Weber State.
Little victories, guys.

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