Top 3 Uniforms of Week 2

As some of you know, I’m an Army fan, so I’m still crying over this Michigan game. Sigh. Time to pull myself together to provide you all with another great article full of great uniforms that I really hope people are reading.

This was actually kind of a tough week, because it’s not a big week like week 1 and rivalry week are, so teams tend to go a more traditional route. But there were still some pretty sick threads out there.


In the Mustangs’ route of the North Texas Mean Green, they rocked a super-slick all white Dallas themed uniform at home.

As far as I know, this isn’t a throwback in any way, but does pay homeage to SMU’s past.

Let’s break it down, starting at the top.

Their helmet, white, had 2 blue stripes down the middle with a red facemask, and a striped D logo featuring the Mustang logo in the center of it.

The jersey, also white, featured blue numbers and blue stripes on the sleeves, and a Dallas script and sleeve cuffs in red to act as an accent color.

The pants, once again, white, featured the same 2 blue stripes down each side and a red belt as an accent. A curved, blocky SMU logo adorned the front left side of the pants.

The great part about this uniform is it’s ties to the city, other sports teams and alumni. You can check out the significance of each detail, as well as take a look at the uniform, in the graphic below.

The second I saw this, I knew it would be my favorite from the week. It makes me want to shout “Pony Up!” as I gracefully race through the city of Dallas on a mustang.

A little note at the end, this is a great example of proper color usage in the right spots and in the right amount. Normally, with a uniform like this, you’d want to include red in the striping pattern. But they don’t, so they use it as an accent color while still keeping it prominent.


Sooner or later, I knew the Knights would make it on here. They really impressed me with this combo that I’m surprised they’ve never worn before: pewter/white/pewter.

Now, if you’re as tired of reading my description of UCF’s uniforms as I am of writing one, you should probably just skip ahead to the pictures at the bottom of this section.

For those of you who like reading my description, or haven’t yet, or maybe get some sort of sick thrill out of me having to repeat myself so often, here you go: the same basic thing just with different colors. Might as well just copy and paste an old article and tweak a few things, and you’d never know.

Like I said earlier, they broke out their pewter helmets, which we last saw vs USF last season, except that helmet had black decals. This one has the UCF logo and sword stripe in gold chrome with a black outline and a black facemask. Pretty dang icy.

And, they literally just wore their basic white jerseys, with their custom font on the front, back and shoulders, and the sublimated Pegasus on the sleeves.

As for pants, there’s literally no other significant detail on them other than the pewter color.

Here’s some pictures of them that you probably just skipped to:

Another note: UCF has struck gold in the CFB uniform formula. Simple uniforms, lots of different, sharp looking combinations.


And the third team to look sharp this week also goes by a 3-inital moniker: the Pirates of ECU.

Originally, I wasn’t a huge fan of these uniforms, as well as what they wore this weekend. But they grew on me, strangely.

The highlight of this uniform was the purple chrome helmet. It featured a purple chrome facemask and an oversized Pirate logo.

The one thing that I wasn’t a fan of at first (then came to not mind) is how the helmet is more on the red side of the purple spectrum, but the jersey and pants were more on the blue side. So yes, they looked like different shades of purple.

As for the blue-sided jersey, it was accented by yellow chest text, a collar and cuffs, and white numbers. A final detail: an oversized Pirate logo in black.

The pants, also purple, featured different pirate symbols in yellow the whole way down.

Honorable Mentions:

Rhode Island: Powder blue and navy blue are a winning combination, especially when on the Adidas Primeknit A1 template.
Nevada: I know I talked crap about their uniforms last year, but they made some changes for the better. I’m starting to think that there were some teams last season who wore tire tread uniforms as a placeholder until Primeknit unis came in.
Tulane: The Green Wave debuted a brand new satin green helmet. Beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Uniforms of Week 2

  1. Those Mustang jerseys are sweet! Be nice if they could build some success and join the Big XII. Why not? There are 2 openings in the conference. Be good for TCU as well.


    1. They are sweet! I was hype when they released them.

      I think that’d be cool if they did, but I’m not sure I see them joining the Big XII in the foreseeable future.


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