Army vs Morgan State at Yankee Stadium Would Be a Novel Idea

Here’s an exercise. Let’s go back in history. I think it’s fitting with being the sesquicentennial year of college football. The year is 1946. #1-ranked Army and #2-ranked Notre Dame meet at Yankee Stadium and play to a 0-0 tie in a game that will be revered as the “Game of the Century”. Now let’s fast forward twenty-two years to 1968. At the very same stadium, Morgan State stuffs Grambling at the goal-line with twenty seconds to preserve a 9-7 victory.
This week, Army will play Morgan State in the third meeting between the two programs. The two teams that could not be any different, both in scheme and trajectory. Yet, despite this, I cannot help but propose an idea for the occasional meetings between the two schools. Why not play this game at Yankee Stadium in November?
Both programs have heritage at the House that Ruth Built that goes beyond the two games mentioned above. The hallowed Army teams of Blanchard and Davis, as well as  their monumental clashes with Notre Dame are synonymous with Yankee Stadium, while Morgan State has played 11 games at the Stadium, all against Grambling.
With Army’s recent trend of scheduling more FCS teams, it has been hard for the fans to get excited about games like Morgan State. Moving a game like this to a hallowed venue and creating a rivalry would pump excitement into a game the fans would otherwise care less about. For instance, the previous two meetings with Morgan State only drew 24,245 and 28,290 fans. Plus, the Corps of Cadets would get a kick out of a free weekend in the Big Apple and cheering on their team in a historic venue.
Lastly, and most importantly, now is a better time than ever for Army to take back the title of the Big Apple’s College Team. The Black Knights are fresh off their first Lambert Trophy since 1958 and first AP ranking since 1996. While Syracuse had a strong year in 2018, Army looks to have more staying power. Moving an FCS game, particularly a yearly game with Morgan State, would act as a showcase for the Black Knights to the Big Apple.
For Morgan State, as well as HBCU football on a whole, playing Army at Yankee Stadium present a chance to return to their roots. Part of what sets apart HBCU football from other FCS and even some FBS schools is the tradition. The allure of HBCU football goes beyond the bands and into the rich history of schools such as Morgan State, Grambling, and Florida A&M. Rejuvenating a Morgan State presence in the Big Apple would hearken back to the glory days of Earl Banks and give life to a program struggling to keep up with powers like NC A&T and Grambling.
While we probably will not see an Army-Morgan State game moved to Yankee Stadium anytime soon, it is an idea worth considering for both programs. No year would have been better than this 150th anniversary year of college football. Army has already missed out on three opportunities to make a special experience for both their own fans and Morgan State fans. They would be making a mistake to ignore the potential of reliving the history of two storied programs in one of the most well-known stadiums in the world.

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