Top 3 Uniforms of Week 4

We’ve had a contender for game of the year in the group of 5, Tulane vs Houston, where my pick to win the AAC came back to win the game with a beautiful last second play.

That game also had the best G5 uniform this week, the Tulane blue-out.

1. Tulane Green Wave

Tulane brought back the blue helmets in a throwback fashion to complete an all blue look for their amazing win vs Houston. Some people actually didn’t like them, but I think they’re fantastic, so let’s break em down.

The helmet, of course light blue, had a glossy finish on the shell, a green chrome facemask, and a green/white/green stripe down the center. The main logo decals were the interlocking U and T, which gave the helmet the throwback flair.

As for jersey and pants, they wore their normal blue jerseys and pants, however I’ll still go through those for those who haven’t seen them/read about them before.

Using blue as the base color, both the jersey and pants share a green/*thin black*/white/*thin black*/green stripe on the sleeves and sides, respectively.

The jersey has numbers on the front and back in white with a green outline, and “TULANE” in small white text over them.

2. North Texas Mean Green

Throwbacks take over the 1 and 2 positions, as the UNT Mean Green wore throwbacks inspired by the era that “Mean” Joe Green played there.

My fellow uniform-obsessed readers will remember these from last season.

The helmet, white, featured a grey facemask for the classic look. The thin center stripe was in Kelley green, as well as the interlocking “NT” logo on each side.

The jersey, also Kelley green, had a tri-stripe on the sleeves, the middle stripe being the thickest. Directly above those stripes, also on the sleeves, were the TV numbers. A unique look.

The main numbers were in the same font and on the front and back, every one of these features in white.

As for pants, white pants with a single green stripe down each side.

A classic, clean look in a great color.

@Philadelphia Eagles, you could look this good every week too, ya know.

3. Colorado State

Sticking with a common theme of throwbacks, the Rams wore their Ag Day uniforms this past week.

Say what you will about them, but I like the use of color and the blending of an old style and moniker with new features.

The helmet the Rams wore had a green shell and a green facemask, but had bright orange ram horns which had notches in them.

The jersey, orange, had “Colorado State” on the chest in white and then the numbers directly under them, in green with a white outline. On each shoulder, a big green block A in green with a white outline.

As for pants, they were white with a green/orange/green stripe on each side. The white pants were complimented by white socks and cleats to complete the look.

Honorable Mentions:

SJSU: The Spartans rocked an icy all white look in new Adidas Primeknit
A1 uniforms.

Arkansas State: More Primeknit unis, the Red Wolves rocked a black/red/black combo. Sharp.

UCF: Even though the lost, the Knights looked slick in a white/white/black combo.

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