Navy Midshipmen vs Air Force Falcons- Preview, TV, Betting and More

Navy Midshipmen (2-1) vs. Air Force Falcons (3-1)

  • Start Time: 3:30 EST
  • Location: Navy-Marine Corps Stadium, Annapolis, MD
  • TV: CBS Sports
  • Line: AFA -3.5
  • FPI: AFA 57.3%, Navy 42.7%
  • O/U: 45
  • Series: AFA 30-21

Navy Midshipmen

Ok, I’m going to keep it real with you. The amount of Navy games I’ve seen so far this season is equivalent to the amount of games New Mexico State has won. 0. Is that fact relevant to this article? Definitely not. Did I kinda go meta there and break the 4th wall? You betcha.
Anyway, the only game Navy has lost this year is vs Memphis. Memphis, of course, is a pretty dang good team and is eyeing the AAC title that eluded them last year. But, Navy did lead them for a significant portion of that game. Navy outpossessed the Tigers by a ratio of nearly 2:1, and similarly almost doubled Memphis’ first downs. But of course you don’t need many first downs when you return a kickoff the length of the field. Another thing that Navy doubled Memphis’ stat on though, was turnovers. The Tigers only turned over the ball once while the Mids gave up the shi- I mean, gave up the ball, twice.
But in that game, QB Malcolm Perry had one passing and 2 rushing touchdowns, which contributed to his 336 yards passing and 275 yards rushing, with a combined total of 10 touchdowns. Navy’s leading receiver, DJ Williams, has 117 yards and 2 touchdowns and their leading tackler, Diego Fagot, is atop the team with 17 tackles.
Team stats wise, the Mids have 197 rushing attempts for 1,034 yards, and are 18-30 in passing attempts for 338 yards. When it comes to down percentage, they’re at 48.84% for 3rd and 72.73% 4th.
All in all, Navy certainly isn’t the same team they were last year, they’re far and away better.

Air Force

The Falcons on the other hand are coming off a big yet sloppy 41-24 win vs Mountain West foe San Jose State.
Air Force was 5-10 in passing with 13 yards per pass. In YPP, that’s not too shabby. But .500 in completions/attempts, yeah… that’s not too good. One of those passes though, was a 64 yard touchdown. As for rushing, they had 69 attempts for 5.5 yards per rush, and were 1-2 on 4th downs.
What they’re going to have to try to control are the penalties and fumbles.
AFA had 2 turnovers and 8 penalties for 76 yards. That’s quite a few.
Overall, they’re averaging 34.5 points per game with a total of 138 points and 19 touchdowns.
They’re good for 60% on both 3rd and 4th down efficiency as well.
In total passing, Air Force is 21-36 and has 4 passing touchdowns and 2 INTs.


We’re in for another nail biter game between these two teams. This honestly could go either way, but I’ll think Navy has the edge because they’re playing a bit more disciplined and are out for revenge for last season. Plus, this would be a great bounce-back game after Memphis.
Navy 21-Air Force 17

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