Top 3 Uniforms of Week 5

Well, this was a relatively uneventful week for G5 uniforms, not going to lie.

1. App State

They finally broke em back out.

App State took the field in their yellow helmets for the first time in, I don’t know, awhile.

But instead of the block A logo on it, they rolled with a throwback logo, the logo of a mountaineer that looks like it was drawn by a 5th grader.

With that being said, it was still a good looking helmet. And that goofy logo was on only one side, the other had the player number in black.

As for the rest of the uniform, they wore their black jersey/black pants combination. Both featured a duo-yellow stripe on the sleeves or down the side, respectively.

The jersey numbers were white with a yellow outline, and were on the front and back.

The block A logo laid over both of the sleeves on the jersey as well, overlaying the stripes.

2. Coastal Carolina

For the first time in program history, the Chanticleers wore white helmets. Does this sound super exciting? No, it doesn’t. But think about their color scheme and what it’d look like on a whiteout uniform: amazing. Beautiful. An amazing uniform. And they just so happened to play the #1 team, App State.

Their new helmet was just a plain white shell with a white facemask, and had the Chanticleer logo on either side.

They paired this with their normal white jersey, which had “Coastal” across the chest in teal with a black outline, and numbers on the front and back in the same style. Finishing off the jersey design were 2 single teal stripes down the shoulder.

As for the pants, plain white, only with the Chanticleer and Under Armour logos.

Finishing off the icy white look were white socks and cleats.

3. Austin Peay

Yes, this week was so boring that I dug through some FCS teams for a #3. But, these guys arguably have the best FCS uniforms, so I don’t mind.

Luckily, Austin Peay wore a really slick blackout uniform, featuring red and white accents.

A glossy black helmet had the Govs logo on either side and a white/red/white tri-stripe down the center and was finished off by a black facemask.

The jersey, on Under Armour’s old template, had red numbers with a white outline on the front and back, and the Govs logo on the chest and oversized white/red/white stripes on each sleeve. Sharp.

The pants, like Coastal’s, plain, with only the team and Under Armour logos, except the Govs’ were black and were also paired with black socks and cleats.

After what some teams have revealed about their uniforms for this weekend, next week’s article should include some better uniforms.

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