Army Drops Close Game to Air Force, 17-13

Sigh, another Army loss in a very close game that we very well could’ve won… if it weren’t for some of the mistakes.
And the blame for those goes all around, offense, defense, even the coaching staff. But the game is over, we can’t change that, so let’s all take some deep breaths.
In through the nose,
hold it…
and out through the mouth.
This game was in hand the entire time. There was no reason that we couldn’t have won. Air Force just bested us.
With that being said, let’s take a brief look back at what happened.
On the opening drive, the Black Knights drove the length of the field… until the half yard mark. Now, whether or not you think Jabari Laws actually got in is up to you, I personally think he had to have, but the refs ruled against that.
So Air Force got the ball on their own half yard, drove a bit, and then ended up punting at their own 40. A good stop for our defense.
This was the entire first quarter. 2 total possessions, one for each team. Man, do I love service academy football.
Army would answer back with a punt, and Air Force would take over, drive 77 yards, and settle for a field goal.
3-0 Zoomies.
Not to worry, because Army would answer with a drive of their own. The Offense went 65 yards in nearly 7 minutes, where Jabari Laws punched it in from 2 yards out. However, kicker Cole Talley missed the extra point, making it a 3 point Army lead.
6-3, good guys.

Air Force would end the half by throwing an interception to Elijah Riley, who attempted to return it but got stopped just after the 50 yard line.
Army took the 6-3 lead into the half. If I’m being honest, after comparing how these teams had played in their past 5 games, I thought this was going to get far uglier. But we had the lead. That’s all that mattered at the moment.
Coming back out of the locker rooms, the two teams would exchange punts twice before something interesting happened offensively.
Air Force drove 64 yards in 9 plays to punch the ball in from the Army 3, making the score then 10-6.

But once again, the relentless Black Knights would answer in dramatic fashion.
Jabari Laws threw a BEAUTIFUL ball to Cam Harrison who took the ball to the house. 87 yards. 13 seconds.

Army back on top, 13 to 10. All they had to do was hold the Air Force offense scoreless for the rest of the game.
…but, 9 plays and 4 minutes later, Air Force made the score 17-13.

That was all she wrote for scoring, but Army had a chance at the end.
They were driving, Laws dropping absolute dimes, but then he’d come out of the game as an Air Force player was called for targeting.
A cold K-Hop would come in to try and win the game, tried 4 passes, one where he had Kell Walker wide open, but none of them worked.
There was some controversy on whether or not we should’ve run or not, and y’all certainly feel strongly either way, but there’s nothing we can do about it.
Army returns next week when they take on UMass at Michie.

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