New Mexico State Has Now Fully Become “Team Zero” Alongside Hawai’i

We had talked back in the offseason, whenever New Mexico State announced the move of their 2022 road game at Nevada to Week Zero, that they were in a unique position. They had played Wyoming in Week Zero last season, and at that point, they had UCLA in 2020, Nevada in 2022 and Hawai’i in 2024 as Week Zero games.

New Mexico State is a true independent school – off in the Southwest wilderness relative to the rest of the FBS that isn’t UTEP or UNM, without a conference, but with a chance to find ways to build unique qualities into their brand.

Well, it appears that the school was on the same brain wave as we were, as they will now play in Week Zero for the next five consecutive seasons.

The Aggies added a game with Hawai’i to create a home-and-home with the Rainbow Warriors, allowing NMSU to move a game to week zero. They elected to move their home game against UTEP to that date, which accomplishes numerous things.

It allows the Aggies to start the season at home with a nationally-televised, winnable rivalry game. It also allows them to have a late September that consists of a short road trip to Albuquerque, a bye, and then a home game against Hawai’i. They also then have a bye the week after their trip to the big island.

The Aggies also play at Hawai’i in 2023 which allowed them to move their game at home against UMass to Week Zero. All of the following are now true for New Mexico State:

  • They will play five consecutive Week Zero games
  • After next season at UCLA, the remaining four will all be at home.
  • The Aggies will now play UTEP, New Mexico, and Hawai’i for the next five straight seasons
  • The 2021 schedule includes seven games against six Mountain West teams, making them sort of the Notre Dame of the Mountain West.

Hey, maybe now is the time to remind everyone of the unique uniforms we designed for the Aggies this fall, which sure would make a great visual opportunity for a school that will now only have a few other games to compete with for attention to start the season off going forward.

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