Ten Mid-Major March Madness Games to Re-Watch During the COVID-19 Break

We’re talking about how college sports are on a hiatus for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 virus. Not having sports really stinks, but not having March Madness to watch sucks the absolute most this time of year.

We went ahead and put together a re-watch list of games for each Group of Five Conference that will come out in the coming days, but who would we be at this time of year if we didn’t also do a list of March Madness games?

We managed to compile a list of ten games you should rewatch to quench your thirst for sports, and now you have…

*grabs abacus*

…about 24 hours worth of distraction from the outside world. Enjoy!

#15 Lehigh vs. #2 Duke 2012

This was “back in the day” when a 15-seed winning was still a stunner. Lehigh was only the fifth team to ever achieve this feat at the time, and the first team from outside the MEAC to pull a 15-2 upset since a freshman guard named Steve Nash did it with Santa Clara.


#15 FGCU vs. #2 Georgetown 2013


I’ve seen this game numerous times. It never gets old.

#16 Harvard vs. #1 Stanford

Nope, UMBC wasn’t the first to pull off this magical feat. The Harvard women upset the Stanford women, at Stanford.

Harvard led by nine at the half and had to withstand a Stanford comeback to pull it off. Give this game a watch. It’s worth your time.

#16 UMBC vs. #1 Virginia

Speaking of 16 seeds beating 1 seeds. The first of a number of entries from the last two tournaments. The only thing that was more amazing than this game is the life that was given to the UMBC Athletics twitter account as a result of this game.

2013 #1 Gonzaga vs #16 Southern

I had forgotten about this game, but it seemed only fair to follow UMBC’s stunner with the time five years prior that Gonzaga nearly became the first men’s #1 seed to ever lose in the first round of the tournament.

2018 #6 Houston vs #3 Michigan

This was the second year in a row Houston came mere inches and moments away from taking down a college basketball blueblood on a national stage. I’m pretty sure I can still hear Kelvin Sampson’s blood pressure gradually escalating over these games.

2018 #11 Loyola vs #6 Miami

Loyola’s run through the tournament was a true thing of beauty. As a matter of fact, let’s pay a little extra homage to the Ramblers with a recap of just their three ridiculous consecutive buzzer beaters that got them all the way to the Elite Eight.

2018 #7 Nevada vs. #10 Texas

March Madness is fun. March Madness + Overtime? Even more fun. This was the “hello world, I’m here” game for Caleb Martin after he nailed two clutch three-pointers in overtime for the Wolfpack. Yes, I know that it wasn’t an upset because Nevada is the seven-seed here, but it’s still a great game.

2016 #5 Purdue vs. #12 Little Rock

Oh look another overtime game… but this one has two of them. And the cherry on top: a 12 seed beating a 5 seed. Led by Josh Hagins’ 31 point performance, the Little Rock Trojans upset a Purdue team led by Caleb Swanigan and AJ Hammons.

2010 #1 Kansas vs. #9 Northern Iowa

ALI FAROKMANESH. If you know what I’m talking about, you’ll enjoy re-watching the above game. If you do not know what I’m talking about, you’ll enjoy this game even more… and a bunch of decade-old memes will make a lot more sense to you.

Taking down the number one team in the tournament is always fun adding in a dude with a cool name makes it even better. Farokmanesh nailed four three-pointers to lead the Panthers over the Jayhawks. And who doesn’t like watching Kansas lose?

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