Five Independent Games to Watch Over the COVID-19 Sports Break

We’re back with more sports to watch. Yesterday we gave you ten March Madness games to watch, today we switch to football. Here are five Independent games that you should watch.

Tomorrow we’re giving you the AAC.

Enjoy and stay safe.

Notre Dame vs. Navy 2016

Will Worth leads a Navy team against a reeling Notre Dame team in Jacksonville. One of the best rivalries in college football. While I despise both of these teams, good football is good football and this was a fun game to watch that many people have probably forgotten about.


Army vs. Navy 2016

Let me tell you about this game… This game was emotional, this game was a nail biter, this game was everything we love about college football.

Could Army end the streak? Could backup QB Zach Abey extend Navy’s win streak? Could the Black Knights get another win for their fallen teammate Brandon Jackson who tragically passed away in a car accident earlier that year?

I’ve watched this game over and over and over. I could probably tell you every play before it happens, it’s my favorite game to re-watch.


New Mexico State vs. New Mexico 2017

New Mexico is trying to keep NMSU from winning back to back games against them for the first time since 2009-2011.

The Rio Grande Rivalry had a lot of action in 2017, 930 total yards of offense, six turnovers, and a crazy comeback. But was it enough for the win?

San Diego State vs. Army 2017 Armed Forces Bowl

Nearly 700 rushing yards, only 14 pass attempts. This is a ground and pound fan’s dream.

This game was fun. That’s really the only way to describe it. It was a back and forth nail biter with an insane ending and in a bowl game.

This was the most exciting bowl game of the 2017 season.

UMass vs. Georgia Southern 1998 D1-AA National Championship Game

This is a game I promise you haven’t seen unless you’re a UMass or Georgia Southern fan. But it’s a game everyone should see. 1,060 total yards of offense and 98 points made for a fun game in Chattanooga.

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