Five Conference USA Football Games to Re-Watch Over the COVID-19 Sports Break

We’re talking all week about how college sports are on a hiatus for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 virus. We already showed you the basketball jones you needed, but there are other sports, too. Now we’ve compiled a list of CUSA games you should rewatch to quench your thirst for sports.

These are in no order, they’re all great. Also, just in case you haven’t watched any of these games, we won’t spoil them too much.

Southern Miss vs. Troy 2008 New Orleans Bowl


This one got consideration for both the CUSA and Sun Belt lists, but Troy had other good games that didn’t involve the Extremely Golden Eagles. Those others also involved Troy winning, too so….

This ending was nuts. Troy played not to lose instead of playing to win and then reaped as they sowed. Southern Miss got the ball to start overtime and literally just barely won. You’ll see.

Western Kentucky at Marshall 2014

This one isn’t for lovers of defense, but holy crap was it a fun game.

Undefeated #19 Marshall was playing at home against an up-and-down 6-5 Hilltoppers squad, and it’s probably better that we’ve only got the condensed game highlights because you might need a long nap if you watched this whole game all over again.


UAB vs. MTSU 2018 C-USA Championship Game

From no football program to the conference championship game in two seasons is pretty impressive, UAB.

And just to rub salt into the wound, pay particularly close attention to how this one ended.

2013 WKU vs Kentucky

In 2012, Western Kentucky built and then frittered away a 17-point lead. Then they managed to hold on until overtime and take an overtime win over Kentucky.

But we don’t have video of that.

This one is a different kind of impressive though when you consider this was the very first game of Bobby Petrino’s first and last season with the ‘Tops, and he was breaking in a redshirt junior quarterback named Brandon Doughty with all of 25 career passes.

2008 ECU vs Virginia Tech

I would probably argue that the Pirates traveling to West Virginia the very next week to take down the #8 Mountaineers was probably more impressive, but we’ve got the video we’ve got.

Just enjoy it. And then maybe go find the video of ECU doing it again in 2014.

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