Five Great Sun Belt Football Games to Rewatch During the COVID-19 Break

College sports are on a hiatus for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 virus. Not having March Madness to watch sucks but we compiled a list of games you should rewatch to quench your thirst for sports.


Appalachian State vs. Michigan 2007

If you don’t enjoy this game, something is wrong with you.

This is where App State introduces itself to the Power Five world.

Troy vs. LSU 2017

No full game on this one, but LSU fans would probably be okay with that.


ULM vs. Florida State 2019

All I can say is… #CollegeKickerz

2018 Troy at Nebraska

Couldn’t find the full LSU/Troy game so this is how we’ll make it up to the Trojan fans.

2012 ULM at Arkansas

Overtime football, an overrated SEC school losing, what’s not to love?

2012 Louisiana at Florida

Sweet jesus what a punch in the dick.



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