What Happens to The Independents If Conferences Use Conference Game Only Scheduling?

Due to the sporting-world chaos that has been created by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been rumors that conferences might only play conference games. This puts the current FBS Independents at risk of not having a season.

Lucky for them, we at Forgotten 5 solved the problem.

There are two different schedules, one with Notre Dame and one without.

Given that Liberty and UConn each have a total of five games against the ACC (UVA, Va Tech, Syracuse, UNC and NC State), if only a couple decide they’d rather have Notre Dame as a conference member for schedule purposes, they’d be out of this loop.

But we included that option anyways because it was fun.

With Notre Dame

  • 12 games
  • In-season home and home between all teams
  • Two bye weeks
Army BYU NMSU UMass UConn Liberty Notre Dame
Week 1 @ UConn @ NMSU BYU Liberty Army @ UMass BYE
Week 2 ND @ Liberty UMass @ NMSU BYE BYU @ Army
Week 3 BYE @ ND @ Liberty @ UConn UMass NMSU BYU
Week 4 NMSU UConn @ Army ND @ BYU BYE @ UMass
Week 5 @ BYU Army ND BYE Liberty @ UConn @ NMSU
Week 6 @ Liberty @ UMass BYE BYU @ ND Army UConn
Week 7 UMass Liberty @ ND @ Army BYE @ BYU NMSU
Week 8 BYE NMSU @ BYU UConn @ UMass ND @ Liberty
Week 9 Liberty BYE @ UMass NMSU ND @ Army @ UConn
Week 10 @ NMSU @ UConn Army @ Liberty BYU UMass BYE
Week 11 @ ND UMass UConn @ BYU @ NMSU BYE Army
Week 12 UConn ND Liberty BYE @ Army @ NMSU @ BYU
Week 13 BYU @ Army BYE @ ND @ Liberty UConn UMass
Week 14 @ UMass BYE @ UConn Army NMSU @ ND Liberty


Notre Dame traveling to Las Cruces and East Hartford sounds like so much fun. There is about a zero percent chance the Fighting Irish agree to it, but it’s a fun idea to think about.

We can’t forget about the continuation of the Army/Notre Dame rivalry. The two have played 51 times with the last time coming in 2016.

Again, there is almost a zero percent chance that this happens because Notre Dame will feel like they’re above this schedule even though nothing they’ve done in the last 20 years would warrant them feeling that way.

Without Notre Dame

  • 12 games
  • In-season home and home between all teams
  • Two games against regional FCS teams
  • Two bye weeks
Army BYU NMSU UMass UConn Liberty
Week 1 Liberty BYE NAU @UConn UMass @ Army
Week 2 NMSU SUU @ Army Liberty BYE @ UMass
Week 3 UConn Liberty UMass @ NMSU @ Army BYU
Week 4 @ BYU Army UConn Holy Cross @ NMSU BYE
Week 5 Albany @ UConn @ Liberty BYE BYU NMSU
Week 6 UMass BYE SHSU @ Army @ Liberty UConn
Week 7 @ NMSU @ Liberty Army UConn @ UMass BYU
Week 8 @ UConn @ UMass BYE BYU Army JMU
Week 9 SBU @ NMSU BYU BYE Liberty @ UConn
Week 10 BYE UMass @ UConn @ BYU NMSU Richmond
Week 11 BYU @ Army @ UMass NMSU Yale BYE
Week 12 @ UMass Weber St. Liberty Army BYE @ NMSU
Week 13 BYE NMSU @ BYU @ Liberty CCSU UMass
Week 14 @ Liberty UConn BYE Harvard @ BYU Army


Army gets to play Albany and Stony Brook as their two FCS games. Albany and Stony Brook are not only the SUNY’s best football rivalry but they are also actually pretty good opponents. I’d argue they are harder opponents than UConn and maybe even UMass.

BYU and UMass got the only two in-state FCS schools for their state. NMSU doesn’t have any in-state FCS schools, so I went with two states that border New Mexico.

UConn gets an Ivy League matchup plus Central Connecticut State. Lastly, Liberty plays Richmond and national powerhouse James Madison.

These FCS games aren’t pushovers either. All of these teams should be able to hang with their FBS opponent and some might be able to win.

I think that this scenario is much more feasible given that Notre Dame isn’t involved.

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to this, and teams can play their normal schedule but conferences may say “conference games only” to cut down on travel and to keep their schools at home-ish. This isn’t a bad plan to have in the back pocket.

This plan is perfect for the independents instead of scrambling to play games against anyone. To the AD’s of these schools who are definitely reading this, we have it all planned out for you, make it happen.


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