New Mexico State Aggies Throwing It Way Back – In a Good Way

Today the New Mexico State Aggies announced what seemed to be a new rebrand, but on closer inspection is just a lean into their most successful historical past.

The press release mentions a new secondary logo, but it really isn’t. Anyone who has watched New Mexico State basketball in the last couple of seasons knows about the throwback uniforms the Aggies wore as a tribute to the 1970 Final Four run under legendary head coach Lou Henson.

This latest news is simply the Aggies taking that word mark and color scheme and fully bringing it back.

The response online has been humorously mixed – about 40% people who like it, 40% people who don’t like it because they think it’s the new primary logo despite multiple statements to the contrary, and 20% old folks who don’t like it for unknown reasons.

I personally love it for a few reasons. First, as athletic director Mario Moccia said in the official press release about the move:

“(W)e looked to strengthen our identity as the State school in New Mexico, (and) we found inspiration in our archives for a wordmark that encompasses the message we wanted to put forward: We are New Mexico State.”

This secondary logo serves multiple purposes. It gives athletics teams another completely unique option to use as a design for uniforms, it gives the school another layer of unique merchandise to sell, and it gives the school a unique and distinct option for differentiating themselves among their more (UTEP, UNM) and less (national peer school) direct competitors.

You may have noticed from the photo on this article that I’ve been a big fan of the design ever since it first popped up as the throwback basketball uniform. So big a fan that we even created a unique set of uniform designs for the Aggies that they could use this season since it also happens to be the 60th anniversary of the undefeated 1960 Sun Bowl champion football team.

I’m cool if they use them any season, especially now that these kits fit in with the secondary branding, but this year would be an especially good year.

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