Forgotten5 Wants to Take You Down Memory Lane

Next month will mark the beginning of our fifth year of existence, and we’ve been fortunate that the insanity of this year hasn’t torpedoed our existence much yet (looking at you, 2020 CFB season).

One of the things we’re looking to do going forward is to spend more time looking backward. That is definitely going to involve a good bit more historical and retrospective content of all types, shapes and sizes.

Whether that involves talking about great former players, great former programs, or just moments we think are worth revisiting, we intend to spend a lot more time on the history of some of our favorite players, schools and conferences.

That may in due time involve launching a second site so that there is a current F5 and a historical one, but that is to be determined. For now, that process is getting kicked off by our very own Omar Rashon Borja taking a look at the most interesting Group of Five conference champions from the last 20 years in a series that will kick off tomorrow and run until the teams are up.

Check back this week each weekday, and then in the coming weeks, there will be more of that series and more historical content in general. Feel free to also give us suggestions for teams, players, or programs you’d love to read more about, and we’ll decide if we agree with you.

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