The Army/Air Force Football Game Will Be Called Off

A COVID-19 outbreak will cost both teams a Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy game.

Brent Briggeman was the first to break the story. I have since talked to some people around the situation but not directly associated with the athletic department and they tell me the exact same thing. The game will be called off.

I have reached out to people within Army’s athletic department and not gotten anything back.

This all started when Air Force player Garry Mossop Jr. tweeted Thursday morning, “Welp.. no football this weekend for us.” The tweet has since been deleted.

It had been previously reported by the Gazette that as many as seven Air Force players were not expected to be available as the result of contact tracing protocols at the academy.

This would’ve been Army’s first CIC game of the season and Air Force could’ve clinched the CIC with a win after beating Navy 40-7 earlier this season.

The two teams don’t have a common bye week so re-scheduling will be difficult.

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