A Two Day Twitter Assault Ends With Army Going to The Liberty Bowl

Well, that was a fun two days… let’s not do it again, though.

After teams dropped out of bowl games Army was left stranded with no bowl game to go to despite their 9-2 record.

Then Twitter happened.

The frustration really started with this tweet:

Once that blew up and was seen by college football Twitter, I kept seeing more and more bigger names say how crazy it was that a 9-2 team wouldn’t go bowling.

So what did Army fans do? They kept tweeting. Jeff Monken kept talking, and by noon it felt like the entire country was extremely mad Army wasn’t in a bowl game.

The first bowl game started, and at halftime, it was announced that Tennessee would have to drop out of the Liberty Bowl due to COVID-19.

Twitter jumped on the bowl game quickly, and Army hopped on the phones.

And then at 7:30 pm est, we got the official word. Army was in.

Army will be taking on Big XII member West Virginia on New Year’s Eve at 4 pm est on ESPN. The Mountaineers went 5-4 this season.

Lastly, to the people on Twitter giving me credit, I had no part in making this happen; I just tweeted a lot. Props go to Army AD Mike Buddie and his staff for not giving up after yesterday and getting Army a game.

We’ll have a preview two days before the game like normal. See y’all then!

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