Community Guidelines

“Community Guidelines”

Don’t be an asshole.

O.K., you’re right, we need to be more specific or we’ll be banning literally everyone in no time.

Here are the things we strongly advise you not do when it comes to participating in our site’s community – assuming you want to actually become and then remain a member of it:

Don’t be deliberately derogatory, discriminatory, or otherwise start shit simply because you want to watch the world burn. This includes but is not limited to comments about age, race, gender, sexual orientation, intellect, or anything else of that ilk.

We understand that there are times where you say dumb and/or regrettable things in the heat of discussion. However, if your participation in conversation and debate is never anything other than this type of behavior, you will be shown the door. You can have your moments, but an established pattern will get you booted.

We also ask that you understand that such judgments about the above-mentioned discipline-warranting actions are exactly that; judgments made by other humans. We therefore ask that you not simply lash out or shut down if such action is taken, lest a rational discussion solve a misunderstanding that led to unnecessary action on our part.

Be decent to each other, and enjoy your sports in a responsible manner. It’s alright to have your dick-ish moments, but don’t be a raging douche because we have enough of those on the site staff already.