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So all anyone ever wants to talk about is The Power Five versus The Group of Five. The Autonomous Five versus… the Enslaved Five? I don’t know.

Anyways, we who follow the Mountain West, American, Conference USA, Mid-American, and Sun Belt know all about these programs. There is a real concern, though, that when it comes to dollars (via TV rights, apparel deals, whatever else) that these financially lesser teams may eventually become the Forgotten Five.

Never fear, though, because we will have it all covered; starting with football and eventually branching out to everything that falls under the G5 scope. I personally (Nicolas A. Lewis, the guy writing this and who helped launch Underdog Dynasty) decided I had enough of being trapped under the SB Nation umbrella and want to do it better on my own.

No more silly (and often arbitrary) restrictions.

No more boundaries to our content. We will launch our site focusing on G5 football and that will always be our core focus, but no story is too small for this site, whether it is football or gymnastics, Division I or Division III. We will do our best to spread the wealth as best we can with the folks we’ve got and are always open to criticism.

We may not actually listen to it, but you are free to criticize us to your heart’s content. If you drop by just to read, that’s great. If you decide to also chime in with some commentary and astute discussion, that’s a win. If you feel the need to do nothing but react in GIF form, we won’t turn you away.