Cinderella Wears An 11 Seed

We are a few precious weeks from the NCAA Tournament, with Selection Sunday guaranteed to start arguments throughout the country. How poorly a “mid-major” program is seeded becomes a major bone of contention for fanbases all over the country. In particular, multiple fanbases assume that a higher the seed is congruent with the likelihood of … Continue reading Cinderella Wears An 11 Seed

How Week One of FCS vs FBS Fared

Way before the season on another site, I posted the likelihood of all the FCS teams going against FBS foes. Week 1 had the most FCS vs FBS games by far with 46 such games out of the 111 scheduled in 2016. As done in 2015, these games were broken into five tiers with 1 … Continue reading How Week One of FCS vs FBS Fared