Q/A With SB Nation Miner Rush

I recently conducted Q/A with the good folks over at Minerrush.com. You can find them on Twitter @sbnminerrush. If you want to see my answers to Miner fans questions go check out their site. This was a lot of fun, and I’d like to thank Alex Nicolas for reaching out to me to do this.


For Army fans that don’t know, tell them about UTEP star running back Aaron Jones.

Man where to start with Aaron Jones?

He’s clearly one of the top players in C-USA, and is inching up UTEP’s career marks in rushing yards and touchdowns.

Vision, speed, patience, and a nasty stiff-arm seems to show on every carry.  He also can catch out of the backfield and is an offensive decoy at times since he draws so much attention.

Jones came to UTEP as a speedster and has evolved himself into a complete back, and one of the most underrated players in the nation and in his NFL draft class.

The running joke on our forum is every UTEP fan should name their future child after Aaron Jones, he’s really, really good.

What kind of offense does UTEP run?

UTEP runs a multiple pro-style offense with tons of moving parts and packages.

The Miner offense is built around the run, but Brent Pease has implemented the old Boise State offense that features a number of motions and shifts along with unbalanced fronts and play action.

UTEP was vanilla against Texas, but with Zack Greenlee looking to be back in action, UTEP should be more balanced against Army with Greenlee under center.”

Who are some players Black Knight Nation should look out for Saturday night?

Terry Juniel is a former JUCO all-American punt returner and is starting to find his niche as a wide out and kick returner. He’s a shifty athlete that can flip field position and has been one the Miners highest targeted receivers in the first two games.

OL Will Hernandez, one of UTEP’s top junior NFL prospects, is flat out nasty and fun to watch seal and open gaps.

Devin Cockrell, a hree-year starter at strong safety, is a seasoned veteran and hard hitter who will be key in stopping the run.

Who should Army’s defense key in on?

The clear answer is Aaron Jones, but if Zack Greenlee is back the Army defense needs to key on UTEP’s possible balance of the run/pass.

When UTEP has had success with the run, they don’t shy away from pounding away, but against NMSU Greenlee was able to throw the ball downfield with efficient success with the run game setting that up.

Jones will get his touches, but the hope is UTEP uses the athletes they have in the passing game to take some pressure and eyes off Aaron Jones.


I might be in the minority of UTEP fans that think the Miners are going to have trouble in a few phases. Army is the definition of what a sound football team looks like, and if UTEP starts slow it’s gonna be a long day for the Miners playing from behind.

Army 28 UTEP 24

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