Naming the North Texas and UTSA Rivalry

This Saturday will mark the fourth consecutive year that the Roadrunners take on the Mean Green. We have already established that this matchup has all of the necessary ingredients to be a rivalry. However, it is still missing a very important component that all great rivalries must have. A name. Let’s look at some options.

The Battle of I35

Naming the rivalry after the I35 highway that connects Denton and San Antonio would be relevant on a number of levels. Primary, it is the physical road taken to get to the other team’s stadium. Second, each day that you drive on I35 feels like a new battle that is just as tough as the game. Finally, fans should hope that the rivalry lasts as long as construction on I35 has.


The Take Flight Fight

This may be the most realistic of the options presented. The name rhymes, and rhyming is just about the coolest thing that you can do with words. For anyone who may not understand the reference, both UTSA and North Texas have a bird as their mascot. North Texas is represented by the Eagle and UTSA is represented by the Roadrunner. Although Roadrunners prefer to run, they do have the ability to “take flight”. A bird-related name and trophy would probably be the most appropriate for this match up.


Breakfast Taco Bowl

Texans love football. Texans love breakfast tacos. I rest my case.


Whataburger Warfare

There is no prize more prestigious in the state of Texas than a hot and fresh meal from Whataburger. Currently headquartered in San Antonio, the fast food masterpiece has geographical connections to UTSA but is beloved by all Texans. Aside from the witty name, the trophy possibilities are endless. My personal favorite, however, would be a gold Whataburger tent number that implies “Our team and our order is number 1.” At the end of the game, the winning team could hold up the trophy while the fans chant “Just like you like it!” The thought alone gives me chills.


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