Sun Belt Media Day, Music Playlist Edition

So we asked all of the players at Sun Belt Media Day for their music preferences, specifically as it pertains to the music they have playing in their headphones during pregame in the locker room to get hyped up.

We give you the results here and now. Artists supplied by the players, songs chosen by us your loyal site staff.

Corey Turner (Louisiana) -Lucci: Everyday We Lit

No hesitation from Corey on this one, went straight for Lucci.

Robert Hunt (Louisiana) – JUICE WRLD: Lucid Dreams

Robert listens to a lot, but his first specific artist that he tossed out was Juice WRLD. A solid choice if we say so ourselves.

Bryan London (Texas State) – Luther Vandross: Take You Out

Bryan is one of our old souls here, says he likes to listen to something relaxing. He also mentioned Sade, an even further down tempo option. You rock that ’90’s vibe, Bryan.

Aaron Brewer (Texas State) – CJ Casino ft Go Yayo: F*** a Diss Song

So Aaron listens to a whole bunch of relatively unknown Dallas rappers, and I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Yella Beezy, so we decided to go with a collab from the other two artists he mentioned. Aaron is apparently our hipster entry here.

Jamarius Way (South Alabama) – Kodak: Codeine Dreaming

Jamarius also mentioned Future, but he popped up several times and when we put together our playlist, we wanted to avoid duplicates as much as we could. As such, Kodak was the winner.

Bull Barge (South Alabama) – Young Thug: Patek Water

There’s a lot of crossover; Future was mentioned several times, and he has an entire album Super Slimey that is a collab with Young Thug. We picked our favorite off that album to make sure Young Thug got rep since Bull almost forgot about him.

Jalin Moore (Appalachian State) – Drake: 8 out of 10

Jalin’s answer was actually “Drake’s new album, plus a bunch of other new stuff” so we whittled it down to the song off Scorpion that we liked best. I think we chose well for the playlist.

Myquon Stout (Appalachian State) – Moneybagg Yo: Bigg Facts

Myquon Stout, the self-proclaimed grillmaster, also has some diverse tastes, but went straight for Moneybagg Yo or NBA Youngboy for his pregame music. We didn’t find anything from NBA that we liked enough for this playlist, but we found several from Moneybagg including this one.

Kilton Anderson (Coastal Carolina) – Jay Rock: WIN

So Kilton’s answer was actually a Spotify playlist called “Rap Caviar” which had a lot of good music on it, but left us to choose which song was going to represent Kilton and that playlist within our own. Jay Rock gets the win here, with The Carters a close second.

Anthony Chesley (Coastal Carolina) – Meek Mill: Millidephia

Meek Mill was an artist that got a lot of mentions, but Anthony was the only one who mentioned Meek as his only choice.

Justin Clifton (Arkansas State) – NF: I can Feel It

We went ahead and assumed that the “I Can Feel It” that Justin was referring to wasn’t the version by GoldLink from the Uncle Drew soundtrack. Maybe it was, who knows. Guess we’ll just wait for the Red Wolves to correct us, though this one works well in the playlist. It pulls double duty too, since Justice Hansen had no answer for this hard-hitting question.

Josh Moon (Georgia Southern) – Pastor Troy: Vica Versa

So Wesley Fields said that he doesn’t really listen to music pregame, so Josh Moon said we need to get Wesley listening to his playlist – or maybe this one? Josh also mentioned Lucci but in lieu of another repeat, we went with Pastor Troy, the first name he mentioned. This is our oldest song on the playlist, so I guess that makes Josh old school.

Hunter Atkinson (Georgia State) – Meek Mill: Dreams and Nightmares

Here’s our second appearance by Meek, and one of the few instances where a player mentioned a specific song, not just an artist (I Can Feel It was the other).

Michael Shaw (Georgia State) – 21 Savage: Bank Account

Another answer with zero hesitation, Michael gets the claim of picking the only artist whose music video opens with what we can call “Mike Epps Ridiculousness.”

Deontae Crumitie (Troy) – Rick Ross: Push It

Deontae is another appreciator of some older music, so we decided to go all the way back and pull something off Rick’s debut album. Shout out to all the pears, y’all.

Marcus Green (ULM) – Future: Mask Off (remix)

We saved Future for the end here. He was the artist mentioned the most, more than even Drake or Meek Mill. We decided to pick the best version of his best song (and Lord are there some bad remixes out there).

David Griffiths – ASAP Rocky: 1Train

David rounds out the list here, but I will admit that Marcus chose for him, so David if you see this and don’t like it this is totally on Marcus *cough*.


We then decided to turn this into its own playlist so everyone can listen to each other’s choices and have some fun with it. Sorry Bryan London, Luther Vandross and Sade did not fit anywhere in this playlist, but just know you’re there in spirit.

Here’s the link to the playlist on Spotify:

And here it is on Apple Music


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