Week One Group of Five Top 10 Poll

O.K., so after a… more eventful than anticipated week in my own life, I bring to you a delayed Top 10 Poll after the first full week of games.

The poll is littered with teams that showed out on offense last weekend, and hopefully we’ll continue to learn more as these teams play better opponents.

Sorry it’s late, will make sure it’s earlier next time. PS no more letting the Twitter public vote. Yikes.

  1. UCF – The Knights more than handled their business against poor UConn, getting a head start on conference play in the process.
  2. Boise State – They looked good against Troy – I personally had them above UCF but I won’t argue too much with a close second.
  3. Appalachian State – Easily the best-looking loss in the Group of Five, but hopefully more of a 2007-style loss than a 2017-style one.
  4. Hawai’i – The ‘Bows shot up our rankings with a 2-0 record, and if nothing else the run and shoot will be fun as hell to watch.
  5. Memphis – Can I just request now that Memphis and Hawai’i play in a bowl game? Another excellent offense flexed its muscle opening weekend.
  6. Cincinnati – I’m surprised they weren’t higher, but 5-6-7 were pretty tightly bunched this week.
  7. Arkansas State – Justice Hansen looked excellent after a slow start, hopefully they can show well against the mighty ‘Bama
  8. Fresno State – They beat the tar out of Idaho, which doesn’t tell us a ton, but was probably pretty entertaining for the home crowd.
  9. Houston – Hopefully the first half against Rice was a fluke and not a team that will regularly start slow, because they definitely can’t afford to play that way in the AAC.
  10. UNT – Well damn, this team took their foot off the gas in the fourth quarter and still smoked SMU by 23. Should be an entertaining year in Denton.

Others receiving votes: Toledo, Troy, Marshall, Army, FAU, Wyoming, Southern Miss, La Tech, San Diego State, Louisiana, Ohio

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