Baseball Reveals New Threads

UCF Baseball’s twitter account released the brand new white jersey they will be debuting this season.
Similar to the black alternate jersey, this one has a logo on one shoulder and the player number on the opposite side of the torso. It also features thick lines that trace down the middle of the jersey.
Unlike the black jersey, the logo in on the left (or the player’s right) shoulder and the number on the other.
The logo also isn’t the normal “UCF” logo that the black alternate features. Instead, the white jersey will dawn the Pegasus logo that can also be seen on the sleeves of the football jerseys.
Only the chest of the jersey was shown, so as far as we know, there’s no striping pattern on the sleeves similar to the black alternate. One could also assume that one of the sleeves will feature the AAC logo.
This jersey will also be worn with a brand new white-out cap the complete the icy look. The cap will feature a white-on-white logo with a black outline as well as a black brim.
So far, fan reactions have been very positive, and they have good reason to be. I’ve always loved Stormtrooper looks and this uniform does it very nicely.
Check them out below:

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