Baseball Debuts New Script Uniforms

UCF Baseball has been making waves in the uniform game again by adding a brand new black script jersey to their arsenal.
And let me say… these are beauties.
The jersey doesn’t button all the way down, so the gold trim that traces the collar and down with the buttons ends in the upper chest, as to not interfere with the script.
The gold from the shoulders goes down and wraps partially around the sleeve, as happens with this Nike baseball template. The American patch is sealed over the left sleeve.
And for the main event, the new Knights script logo on the chest of the jersey. In a gothic style typeface reads “Knights”, with a tail extending off the ‘G’. Small details were added to the script, such as the star on top of the ‘I’, paying tribute to the space program of the school and the tail ends in a point, symbolizing a Knight’s sword.
Below and to the right of the script is the player number, also in gold and the UCF font.

This uniform comes together in a very satisfying way. The shoulders are something more off a modern looking uniform, but the older looking script fits in nicely with them.
These new uniforms will see their first action vs UConn.

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