Alex and Ben Solve Army’s Scheduling Problems

I know, I know, we’ve been really quiet latley. School work has gotten the better of Ben and I. But for now, we’re back.
People like to talk about Army’s scheduling habits and how they play two FCS teams seemingly every year now. So Ben and I got together and solved all of Mike Buddie’s future problems… How nice of us?
We each created what we think is the ideal schedule for Army and we will break it down.
Yes, we are idiots, but we at least know schedules are set 5-6 years in advance, relax.

Alex’s schedule:


  • I want to this to become a big rivalry game. They are starting a series in 2023 where they will play each other every year for four years. I think all three FBS New York teams should play each other every year.

@ Boston College

  • Another regional team that could turn into a rivalry if the Syracuse thing doesn’t work out, and not to mention, like Syracuse, they are in the ACC. Having power 5 teams on the schedule will make Army look better… Just sayin’

@ Buffalo 

  • Same reason as Syracuse, I want there to be more in-state rivalries… Make it happen you three.

Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium

  • History and tradition yada yada yada.

Georgia Southern

  • The Jeff Monken Bowl, need I say more?

@ Texas A&M

  • If you’re going to play an SEC team, might as well play the one who thinks they’re a Service Academy. Monken loves playing in Texas too, so here you go.


  • Rutgers is a dumpster fire at the moment and would be an easy P5 win, as well as being a regional game. Bring the series back.

Air Force

  • If it flies, it dies.


  • The Jay Bateman Revenge Game… enough said.

@ Stanford

  • I loved that two-game series these two had a few years back, I would love to see it spring back up again.


  • If you’re going to play an FCS team, might as well be the local one.


  • #SinkEm


Ben’s Schedule

The Citadel

  • TO v TO, Service Academy v Service Academy.


  • Two of the best G5 teams colliding in one of CFB’s best atmospheres. Hell yes. Plus, it makes Alex suffer so that’s an extra bonus.
  • *Editors note: for those of you who don’t know, Alex is a sophomore at UCF*

@ Georgia Southern

  • It’d be interesting to see Monken back at his old stomping grounds.


  • The Carolinas need to stop poaching our people, so they’re in for a little revenge.


  • Step one in claiming supremacy of New York.

@ Syracuse

  • Step two in claiming supremacy of New York.

Air Force

  • If it flies, it dies.

Notre Dame at Lucas Oil Stadium

  • Notre Dame vs Army should be like Notre Dame vs Navy, except this time ND gets a tougher opponent. As for the location, why not?

South Carolina

  • you can’t start with Bama when it comes to taking on the SEC, so start smaller… and Supe Daddy is there now sooooo.


  • Army vs Tulane is always an interesting game.


  • Easy P5 win… why not restore this series?


  • #SinkEm.

We want to hear your ideas, hit us up on twitter @InOutArmy, @AlexFunderburke, and @benlandmine.

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