Army Plays Sloppy But Still Dominates ULM 37-7

It wasn’t pretty, but it didn’t have to be. Army still won by 30 points.

The Black Knights are 2-0 for the first time since 2017. This years squad is led by a lockdown defense.

The Black Knight defense has been on the field for 18 possessions this season. In those 18 possessions they have forced 6 turnovers, given up 384 yards of total offense and only seven points.

To put those defensive stats in perspective, Army’s offense had 368 yards of total offense against MTSU and 465 yards of total offense against ULM.

The Nate Woody defense has been electric so far this season.

Army’s first half was a tale of two quarters. In the first it looked like they’d run away with it. The defense was flying around and the offense was moving the ball with ease.

The Black Knights held ULM to two three and outs and the Army offense capitalized each time with two touchdowns.

After a Sandon McCoy touchdown, the Warhawks offense began to move the ball down the field. Jon Rhattigan got a huge sack on third down to force a field goal attempt.

Army’s special teams unit came up clutch and blocked the field goal.

Christian Anderson fumbled on the next Army possession, but the Black Knights defense helped their offense and forced a three and out.

On the next ULM possession however, the Warhawks were able to punch it in the end zone

Army would be forced to punt after Anderson went down with an injury. ULM’s mismanagement of the clock let Army get the ball back with 27 seconds left.

New QB Jemel Jones hit plebe WR Isaiah Alston on the first play of the drive and it was a catch that you will see on SportsCenter’s Top 10 tonight.

Army would be forced to attempt a field goal before the end of the half. The first attempt was blocked but ULM called a timeout. On his second try Landon Salyers nailed the 40 yarder to give Army a 17-7 lead doing into the locker room.

Army’s second half started with a three and out and that would be the last time the Warhawks offense would stop the Black Knights.

The ensuing Black Knights drive was sparked by a 4th and 10 fake punt that went for 49 yards.

Everything changed after this play. It was a gutsy call but it gave the Black Knights new energy.

Anderson punched it into the end zone a few plays later to give Army a 24-7 lead.

Shortly after this drive was when Army fans everywhere fell in love with six-foot, 260 pound fullback Jakobi Buchanan. His first career touchdown was a 24 yard run and his second was a 40 yarder.

In between Buchanan’s touchdowns the defense decided to join the fun.

Marquel Broughton topped his fumble recovery on the next drive with an interception

Army would have four total QB’s get playing time today. Including three on the last drive that iced the clock.

Army moves to 2-0 while scoring 39.5 points per game and giving up 3.5 points per game.

The Black Knights will have a big test next week in BYU who just stomped Navy 55-3 in Annapolis.

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