Army Brings The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy Home, Tops Air Force 10-7.

The trophy is coming back home, Army fans. For the third time in four years, Army beat both Air Force and Navy to take the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy.

This game was the most exciting, boring game of all time.

Air Force opened the game by throwing a deep shot into double coverage on second down that was picked off by Cameron Jones.

Army returned the favor with a turnover of their own and gave the Falcons with a short field.

The Black Knights defense would step up and force a field goal attempt that was missed. Army then marched down the field and nailed a field goal to go up 3-0.

Air Force would then have one of the more questionable calls of their season. They had the ball with roughly 40 seconds on the clock, but they let it run down to nine seconds left to attempt a field goal instead of going for the touchdown.

The field goal was missed, and Army went into the half up 3-0.

The third quarter was punt, punt, punt, but then Air Force decided to air it out. And oh boy, did it work.

The Falcons flew down the field and eventually scored a touchdown to go up 7-3 with 53 seconds left in the third.

Needing a score Army was forced to punt. The Black Knights defense needed a stop more than ever; Jabari Moore said, “I got you”.

Air Force QB Haaziq Daniels went deep, but Moore was there to pick it off.

Needing a touchdown, QB Christian Anderson, who came in after Tyheir Tyler was knocked out due to a dirty hit that went uncalled, led an Army drive that will be remembered for a long time.

Tyrell Robinson got the first big chunk play bouncing it outside for a 16 yard gain. Then the next big play was a 4th down and 4. Anderson ran a beautiful bootleg to pick up the first down and then some.

Then came fourth and goal from the one. The entire world knew FB Jakobi Buchanan was getting the ball, but Air Force couldn’t stop him.

Army went up 10-7 with 1:13 left in the game.

Air Force had no timeouts, but it didn’t matter because Kwabena Bonsu tipped a pass at the line, and Arik Smith came down with the pick on the first play. Two kneel-downs later, the clock hit zeros, and Army won.

Army will have a chance at a ten-win season. They have the Independence Bowl on the 26th, most likely against a PAC-12 team.

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